A Murderful Knight - Murder Mystery Party

A Murderful Knight - Murder Mystery Party

Become a medieval knight, a princess, Robin the Hood, Miracle Max or many others and celebrate at the betrothal reception of Prince Bumperdink and Princess Camembert!
Someone will be murdered, someone will be a murderer, and anyone could be next. You'll have secrets, you'll have a mission... can you make it out alive?

Disclaimer: No actual murders are planned. Hopefully it'll all be pretend.


Each guest will be a character in your story where one of you is murdered, one of you is the murderer, and anyone could be next.


12-20 guests (yes, the host can play a character too!)


2 - 3 hours

  • What to expect when you buy

    You will receive a .zip file containing PDF's for you to print. Read the "Read Me First" file for directions on how to proceed. Everything you need (except some props) to host your murder mystery are available in the download. If you have any questions about your purchase or how to host, simply post your question in the forum or email me and I will respond as quickly as possible. 

  • See who's coming to the party!

    King Arthur Crumpet: The host of the party. A few years back, you had a nervous breakdown and ever since haven’t been all there. You often say and do things that don’t make sense and embarrass the queen. But you’re still the king.


    Queen Gwenevere Crumpet: You are the queen & wife of King Arthur, but everyone knows you’re the one in charge. You’ve been grooming your son to take over, under your control of course, when your husband passes, hopefully sometime soon.

    Prince Bumperdink Crumpet: Son of King and Queen Crumpet and the man of the hour. Tonight you’ll be betrothed to Princess Camembert! None too thrilled about the impending marriage, you care more about hunting and games of manly courage than getting married, though you do love the ladies, just not committing to them.


    Princess Joan Crumpet: You are King Arthur & Queen Gwenevere’s daughter. You love your father dearly and hate how your mother treats him. You’re concerned about his declining health and mental stability. You’ve always known that your brother, Prince Bumperdink, was your mom’s favorite, a fact she never tried to hide.

    King Baguette of Crepe: The father of Princess Camembert and the ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Crepe. You are sacrificing your daughter to the despicable marriage with Prince Bumperdink to secure military aid in your war against the Au Jus Barbarians invading your kingdom. You know this arrangement effectively turns your kingdom into a vassal state and you’re not OK with it.


    Queen Brioche of Crepe: The wife of King Baguette, you love a good party. You are eccentric and flamboyant and amazing. You’re not happy about losing your daughter just because your husband can’t win a stupid war. Also, you struggle with Jargon Aphasia (you randomly speak nonsense words and think you’re speaking plainly).

    Princess Camembert of Crepe: Your father is marrying you off to Bumperdink, whom you despise. Normally a bubbly personality, you are enraged at the impending marriage but powerless to stop it. It is well known that you have Laughter Induced Syncopy.


    Sir Lost-A-Lot: The Prince’s right hand man and best friend, you seem to always be losing something. You have recently become betrothed to Lady Juliet, whom you’ve been courting for a few years. You were going to propose about six months ago, but you only just found the ring which you misplaced, as usual. Like the prince, you love sporting and manly tests of courage.

    Lady Juliet: You are Queen Gwenevere’s lady-in-waiting and betrothed to Sir Lost-A-Lot. You’re usually a very bashful and gentle lady but you have a short fuse, and when you feel like you’ve been wronged, you lose your temper easily.


    Sir Perceval the Learned: You’re a highly intelligent ‘know-it-all’ who succeeds through strength of mind rather than strength of arms. You’re one of the few truly intelligent people at the party and don’t mind letting others know that you’re smarter than them. You are in charge of King Arthur’s treasury.

    Merlin the Magician: The court magician who likes to impress people with his magic. You’re none too happy about the impending marriage of the Prince, mostly because the Baguettes are known for hating magic. You’re afraid your job is at stake.

    Kay the Court Jester: The court jester is quite simply here to entertain. You love to sing and dance and make people laugh. You’re quick with a joke or to light up a smoke, but you don’t plan on staying the jester forever. Most people don’t even know you’re around, until they get bored.


    Merry the Minstrel: You love to sing and dance, but have goals for a glorious future. You’re not the best minstrel around. Mostly because you have narcolepsy and often fall asleep for a few moments, even while in the middle of a musical performance.


    Robin the Hood: You’re crashing the party hoping to stir up trouble and to steal the family jewels, if you can get your hands on them. Nobody knows how you got in, but nobody’s complaining since you’re so good looking.


    Maid Marian: You work in the king’s stables, though you once worked for Sir Lost-A-Lot’s mother. You are a sweet, young peasant who was invited to attend tonight by Sir Lost-A-Lot. You had to borrow a gown from his mother’s wardrobe just to fit in with tonight’s crowd.


    Idle, Captain of the Guard: Very dimwitted and never gets orders correct. You know just about everything that goes on in the castle, but you just can’t seem to keep any of it straight. Just before King Arthur had his nervous breakdown, you were shocked when he personally appointed you as the Captain of the Guard.


    King or Queen of the Au Jus Barbarians: You are a barbarian; act like it! Your barbarian hordes have been attacking the Crepe kingdom for almost a year winning spectacular victories, but also sustaining heavy losses. You sought an audience with King Arthur and was told by his queen to attend the betrothal celebration and to discuss your needs with him then.

    Brom the Butler: You are the butler for King Arthur and Queen Gwenevere. You carry yourself with poise and dignity. You generally keep to yourself unless your services are needed. Your job consists of standing around waiting for orders and to keep the castle clean and, as such, have access to most of the castle.

    Miracle Max: You are the former court magician who was bested by Merlin and subsequently fired by Prince Bumperdink. Now you’re looking for revenge. You are old and crotchety. After your loss and firing, you’ve become cynical and are sick of helping riff raff with their “noble causes”. It definitely doesn’t pay the bills. Nobody knows why you were invited to the party.

    Pattamelt: You and your husband, Reuben, have an official invitation from the King but nobody knows why you’re here or where you came from.

    Reuben: You and your wife, Pattamelt, have an official invitation from the King but nobody knows why you’re here or where you came from.

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